Top 10 Advantages of creating Animated Videos in 2021

Here, whiteboard animation has emerged as a big winner for companies looking to gain a foothold in their industry while using fewer resources and saving on their marketing costs with the help of a video production company in India.

Simply put, whiteboard animation is a new age marketing tool that enables a business to convey its marketing strategy to its clients in the form of video.

These videos contain a clear message that details the company’s products and/or services and forces users to buy or invest in its offers.

Here in this post, we have detailed a variety of hidden benefits and advantages that whiteboard animation provides to drive your marketing strategy:

  1. Strengthen and expand your customer base

Every business wants (and also needs) to retain its old customers while adding new ones to its list at the same time. To do this, you need to openly and forcefully make your skills and abilities known to your target market, which you can do with the help of a video content creation agency.

Here, the whiteboard animation does the trick, holds the viewer’s interest, and gradually builds on a story worth believing expressively and transparently. It contributes directly to making a positive reputation and trust among your customers. There are many expert animation companies in India, but finding the best among them can be a difficult task. But at COMAAG- creative content company, we make it easy for you because we are happy to share our sample videos to have a clear idea about our services.

  1. Companies benefit from its versatile nature

To gain recognition, companies must mark their presence on all forms of digital media platforms. Whether it’s social media, banner ads that are sent to clients and customers, or videos placed on their websites, the versatility of whiteboard animation helps them portray their businesses and offers the way sharper and more attractive.

  1. Simplicity of an animated video India is the key to success

A whiteboard animation video captivates audiences with its comfortable use of colours, visuals, an artist’s hands, movement, background music, and a strong dose of humour.

These videos created by a professional video maker are persuasive enough and help generate interest and quickly grab their attention through a calm and relaxed perspective.

Whiteboard animations bring your business ideas to life most engagingly and fascinatingly while keeping the entire marketing purpose intact.

  1. A higher rate of conversion

Without a doubt, whiteboard animation has resulted in higher conversion rates and a higher return on investment for many businesses.

These intelligent storytelling techniques attract the attention of a broad group of viewers and target audience. This also means a reduced bounce rate and higher customer retention!

This marks the most sought-after benefit of whiteboard animation for marketing strategies.

  1. Compatibility with new-age devices

Studies and statistics show that whiteboard animation videos or other animated videos are compatible with all new-age devices, including smartphones and iPads. Today social media connects people, and it is a great way to showcase your products/services, which you can swiftly do with the help of a social media content creation agency that can create social media relevant animated videos for your brand.

This means that a user, whether they are visiting your website through their phone or desktop computer, will be able to view the animation video.

These videos can also be easily shared across platforms. This implies that it improves the chances of organic diffusion without any effort on the company’s part.

There are many other reasons why you should include animation in your programme, but we’ll focus on the top five advantages that your audience can gain from doing so.

  1. Draws attention

Thanks to technological advancements, our planet moves at a constant and rising pace. Instead of spending days in a library, we can find various tools for essays and reports by researching on the internet in a matter of hours. We may also see seminars and tutorials that take minutes rather than hours to cover a subject.

As a result of all of this, people’s attention spans have shrunk. It is a well-known fact that children have short attention spans, but adolescents and adults often focus less. It is a combination of continuous entertainment and demanding schedules.

Animated videos for e-learning are great for engaging your students’ attention and holding it for more extended periods. Plus, you can explain concepts much faster than a lecture and incorporate multiple forms of media to keep your students’ attention.

Many people are visual learners, which brings us to the following reason why animation is an excellent tool for letting your audience know about your brands. All uniquely remember information. Some people learn better through hands-on activities by doing it practically, while others prefer to read and others prefer to see things. Since you can use various branding styles and promoting methods in one video animation created by a creative content consultant appeals to the majority of students.

For example, you can incorporate a class plus a tutorial segment for one section, a music video for another, a creative or artistic play somewhere between, and so on. As a result, the target audience will be more interested in what you have to say, likely to retain the information.

  1. Simplify complex information

Another advantage of using motion graphics in your curriculum is that you can simplify complicated knowledge by chopping it into smaller pieces or explaining it with visuals.

Let’s say you want to introduce a new product or service; Animation would give you the ability to demonstrate the “how-to” in real-time and provide visual aids and examples simultaneously. Animations are helpful for complex concepts, such as patent law training and other exam preparation materials that students may often find dull and uninteresting.

  1. The storytelling is more creative

Whether you were introducing the most challenging products that id hard to explain, young adults, or older adults, storytelling is always a great way to communicate new habits that will keep them engaged. Since it is one of the most creative methods, it grabs your audience attention, holds it, and can make remembering information much more accessible. Also, traditional marketing methods can get mundane, but storytelling gives your audience a break from the conventional.

  1. Ideal for introducing new products

Introducing new products can be particularly tricky, especially if your audience doesn’t have any prior knowledge to develop. 

However, adults are also new learners in some instances. Animation makes things simple and can provide several types of marketing tools in one, making it a great way to introduce new concepts.

It is a work of art that shows the optimized use of technology.

Anything from live cartoon characters to flying books, walking tables, and blooming flowers; Consider the best images and craziest situations, and whiteboard animation will help you get them released!

In addition, these characters and images come to life by generating emotions such as joy, laughter, sadness, anxiety, fear, etc. These, in turn, act as a window into a company’s ability to strengthen and associate these intelligible factors with its brand.

  1. Fits multiple roles: 

Videos of whiteboard animation can be seen everywhere, including on a website’s homepage home page, landing pages with the most traffic, limited-edition blogs, social media platforms, and so on.

They can be used effectively as infographics, training modules, sales tools, educational videos, etc., in addition to their purpose of putting a business idea at its core.

Whiteboard animations have the tremendous power to convey a company’s message in the most compelling way across various media.