Nothing is more frustrating (for business owners or marketers) than struggling to develop social media posts or marketing ideas that resonate with your audience (for large or small businesses).

In this post, our content marketing agency will walk you through 20 social media content ideas to ensure you always have something to offer as part of your social media marketing strategy, encouraging your followers to interact with it.

What is the definition of social media content? And what is the importance of content marketing in digital marketing?

Social media content is a mash-up of whatever you think your audience will enjoy. So, for example, try not to promote your product or service in your newsfeed constantly; no one likes to see that (although it’s okay now and again, such as when you have an actual new product, feature, or update).

Every time you post, be sure it offers value!

What are the best social networking sites for me to use?

Each network is better suited to a specific type of content.

So before posting something randomly on your social media platforms, you need to understand how each one is used and how you can use each one for your business.

I’m sure your time is limited, so you’ll want to focus your efforts on individuals who will deliver the best outcomes.

Instagram Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest

Referral traffic is higher on this site than on any other social media platform. Encourages professionals to make their content reflect this by retweeting and sharing curated content. Best for visual content, captivating photos, and short films. Platform with lots of visuals

It’s best for breaking news and entertainment. It’s ideal for brands who want to share excellent content (helpful content). It’s perfect for sharing industry news and curated content. Great for brand exposure, but not so much for traffic generation. Infographics will love it.

Brand recognition

So now that you have a general idea of which social media will work best for you and your business, let’s take a look at 20 ideas for social media posts that we’ll discuss in more detail throughout the centre.

  • The index
  • Your blog posts (content marketing)
  • Reuse blog content
  • Content curation
  • Industry News
  • Surveys or questions
  • Customer Recommendations
  • Industry News
  • Parties / Events
  • Gifs, memes and emojis
  • Photos/company culture
  • Co-promotion with industry leaders
  • Resources that add value
  • Quotes
  • Instructional video content
  • Company transparency publications
  • Industry statistics
  • Competitions and raffles
  • Live video on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat
  • Get creative with current affairs

1 – posts on your blog

You should blog if you own an online business and get free traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.

Top Tip: As part of any social media effort, make sure you give the reader helpful and value-added material. Seek help from a content writing company that provides content writing services.

Now you have fantastic content to share on social media with your followers. You need to create variations of those posts to communicate in new ways like images, quotes from the post, and questions or polls on the topic you are discussing.

2 – Reuse blog content

It takes time to create good blog content, so you don’t want it to go to waste after just one use. Optinmonster has found 40 ways to do it, including:

  • Infographics
  • Video content
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Emails
  • Downloadable content resources
  • Slide platforms

3 – Curation of content

Sharing relevant material with your followers is a particular approach to gain attention on social media. Creating original material takes time, research, and money, so share already-made information, and your audience will benefit. You will be much appreciated. Remember to say hi to the author the next time you share.

4 – Industry Information

It’s a no-brainer to share industry news. It’s a simple and free way to present your followers with relevant content. Follow the large companies in your niche on Twitter, retweet essential information, and ask questions about forthcoming changes or new features. Whatever it is, share it.

5 – Surveys or Questions

This one would fit very well with number 4 because industry news could inspire questions or surveys. Or ask for something fun that’s relevant to your niche to increase engagement with your posts.

6 – Customer testimonials

If you are doing well in business, chances are you have some enthusiastic admirers who love your product or service. Sharing what they think of your business is great content to share as a social media post. Provide social proof that can inspire other potential customers to see what you are doing. Even better, create detailed case studies with your best users to help with future leads and sales.

7 – Industry Tips and Suggestions

You can give the most crucial suggestions and guidance in bullet points or a photo instead of posting a whole blog piece that would take a consumer 5-15 minutes to read. Using tools like Canva, you can generate pictures quickly and easily even if you don’t have any design experience.

8 – Parties and events

Every year, holidays come around, so why not make the most of them by sharing holiday-themed posts on your social media accounts? Organize the holidays around your brand and share them with your audience if at all possible. Again, use Canva or a photo taken from your home or business.

9 – Emojis, Gifs, and Memes

Without GIFs, memes, and emoticons, where would we be on the internet? I certainly don’t want to know. However, they aren’t only for children and the immature; they may be an essential part of your social content strategy.

Including a GIF in your posts alongside a message is a free and easy way to create content to share.

10 – Photos and company culture

Another great way to showcase your brand personality and highlight what your company is all about is by sharing team photos and posts about company culture, giving your followers a behind-the-scenes peek.

Team meetings, zoom hangouts, you name it, share it!

11 – Joint promotion with industry leaders

Start conversations with the industry leaders in your niche that all of your followers will see. Of course, the easiest way to do it is on Twitter since you can mention whoever you want.

Remember to ask questions when tweeting, be curious, don’t ask for help or promote your stuff.

12 – Resources that add value

We all enjoy freebies, whether it’s e-books, coupon codes, free coffee, products/services, or anything else that comes to mind. Sharing industry-relevant resources that can benefit your followers will increase engagement and reach for your content.

13 – Sayings

This one is a breeze! Find quotes from industry leaders or even testimonials from your current user base that will appeal to your target audience.

It’s best to keep quotes relevant to your industry, don’t just talk nonsense, like:

14 – Video Content for Instructional Purposes

How-to videos can be time-consuming to create, but they can also be quite effective and engaging to distribute.

If you’re going to share a video about your product or service, make it all about the viewer learning and benefiting from it, not about you.

15 – Company transparency publications

For some niches, sharing the most recent information on your firm is excellent content. This is something Bare metrics excels at, as evidenced by their most recent growth manifesto. They will share any corporate KPIs, including new product launches, turnover, employee wages, monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and so on.

Your followers and clients appreciate your honesty and are happy to be with you.

Sharing in this way helps build a strong community of followers.

16 – Industry Statistics

There are a few ways to share industry statistics, including:

  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Quotes

Regardless of how you do it, stats are another free and easy way to find content to share.

17 – Competitions and draws

As I mentioned earlier, people love free stuff. So, by offering a grand prize, you can generate many new leads that you can later target.

Contests and prizes can be created using platforms. People are allotted several techniques to boost their chances of winning when they sign up. Sharing with friends, like your Facebook page, viewing a movie, and more are all possibilities.

18 – Broadcast in real-time

Live video is available on Facebook Live, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. You should give it a shot if you have the confidence to go live. Make it a weekly event so people know when they can anticipate it. We discovered that interviewing industry experts and doing a live Q&A is a terrific method to engage your audience. The ideal social media site for live broadcasting is the one with the most active audience.

19 – Experiment with hashtags and hot themes.

Specific hashtags are popular at any particular period. Therefore, you should strive to capitalize on the buzz if you can find a method to make those issues relevant to you and your company.

Finally, but certainly not least, the most crucial part of any social media content plan…

20. Make eye contact with your audience.

You should spend time communicating with your audience, not just through your posts but also through conversations with others. This can help you expand your audience and gain new followers and leads.

Many companies now offer social media support, and there is an excellent reason for this. Show potential customers how they treat existing customers.

Bonus tip

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