CONTENT MARKETING AGENCY identifies 5 latest changes that you might witness in 2022

Content marketing is undeniably one of the most essential foundations of success in the way businesses attract and interact with customers, and it will continue to be so. If you’ve been doing digital marketing for a while, you already know that increasing your content marketing efforts is crucial to developing your business.

And, as we all know, the only way to stay current in the eyes of the public is to keep studying and implementing the most recent marketing trends. Today, one of the leading forces changing the tide of the content marketing game is the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially during extraordinary times, you need to tailor your content to be relevant and attractive to your target demographic.

With that in mind, here are the significant trends to consider for your content strategy in 2022 as per the creative content consultant.

Video content is (still) on the rise.

Let’s start with one of the most shocking trends: video. Video content is on a seemingly endless surge around the world. Based on Cisco’s Annual Internet Report, video content is projected to account for a whopping 82% of all Internet traffic. That’s what you might call a gold mine for animation companies in India.

When you consider that more than 54% of consumers want to see more content from their brands, according to a HubSpot survey, it’s pretty clear what to focus on in 2022.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t use other types of content, but it does indicate that videos should be at the top of your priority list. And because of the stats content writing agencies in Mumbai love marketing with the help of videos. It’s critical to incorporate several video formats appropriate for your brand, industry, and specialty and optimise them for each stage of the consumer journey.

For example, clients looking to train themselves will benefit from how-to videos and product guides. On the other hand, ready-to-buy customers should watch videos comparing different product options with direct links to product pages.

Finally, make sure that your videos are correctly branded. Ascertain that the videos accurately reflect your brand, tone of voice, and values. In the crowded online environment, this will make them more memorable and impactful.

Create material that is unique to the client.

Personalization is a concept that has been around for a long time, yet it is still crucial to the future of digital marketing. Personalize your content if you want to send efficient sales emails, educate your audience, attract repeat business on your website, or achieve any other digital goal. Or alternatively yoh can hire a creative content consultant

However, personalization in 2022 must go beyond simply addressing the customer by name in emails or when talking to them via chat. In the coming years, technologies like artificial intelligence will make data analysis more efficient and effective, allowing you to achieve hyper-personalization.

Artificial intelligence solutions can help you choose the perfect email template for the individual, create content and copy that suits your exact needs, and simply make better content decisions for the future. With that in mind, consider integrating AI by using AI-powered software to take content personalization to the next level.

Use hyper-personalization in this process to ensure that each consumer sees an optimum version of your site based on their browsing history and previous activities. As a result, you will make a significant difference in the customer experience.

Artificial intelligence and chatbots to supplement content development

When it comes to artificial intelligence, it’s worth noting that it will play an increasingly crucial role in content development and distribution.

Additionally, artificial intelligence will continue to evolve and help content creators create better quality content. At the very least, AI-powered software can power the content creation by providing relevant data, obtaining information and references, and providing authority to everything your Mumbai content writing agency write.

Augmented reality to contextualize marketing.

Augmented reality has progressed from an early marketing gimmick to a potent inbound marketing tool for today’s leading global businesses. Why not mix the two to create a more dynamic experience now that mobile applications are more popular than ever and people consume more material via smartphones?

The SEO content writing agency suggests that you can merge content marketing and augmented reality to guide people to your store, create a more engaging experience on your site, and increase the success of your e-commerce now that augmented reality enables customers to test products digitally. In essence, augmented reality can bring much-needed context to your branding content and messages, thereby enhancing the customer experience, so be sure to start using it to improve your marketing in 2022.

Optimizing your content strategy for voice search

Voice search is another key development to be aware of. Sure, voice search has been on the increase since 2018, but it will explode in 2022 and beyond. So much so that, according to a Microsoft research, more than a quarter of the world’s population currently uses voice search on their mobile phones.

People are likely to start utilising voice search more frequently, and text searches may become outdated in the future. Although it is unlikely to happen this year or in the next five years, it is crucial to note that voice search is gaining traction.

With that in mind, starting to optimise all material for voice search should be one of the foundations of your content strategy for 2022. Rather than using keywords like “best lasagna recipe,” try using more conversational inquiries like “how to create the best lasagna” or “what is the finest lasagna recipe” in your content. It’s a tasty example, and even if it’s not exactly what you’re offering, you get the idea.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is always changing, and new trends emerge on a regular basis. Content marketing nowadays entails a lot more than great articles and eye-catching infographics. Follow the trends above to design a stronger content marketing plan in 2022 if you want to drive your business forward. Or if you are looking for professional help in terms of seo writing services or other content marketing services, then our Mumbai content writing agency is here at your service. Just fill out the basic form on our Contact us page and speak with our experts. We are the industry leaders when it comes to creating successful content among the content marketing agency in Mumbai. 

We wish you a Happy and a Successful New year!