Top 7 difficulties faced by CONTENT MARKETING NEAR ME

The world of digital marketing is changing rapidly, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic brings new challenges for agencies. Many can no longer rely on the same techniques they used in previous years. Instead, content marketing agency must ride the waves of change and adapt quickly to stay afloat.

Here are some of the top challenges content writing agencies are currently facing.

Problem 1: Adoption of new technology

In 2018, marketers reported using only 61% of the functionality available in their martech portfolio. Marketers are investing in new technologies as the need for remote work support and collaboration tools increases; however, many have yet to maximize the full potential of their existing marketing technology.

Agencies need to focus on finding ways to take advantage of the tools they are already using. They can then consider what new technologies, such as automation software, social listening tools, and CRM platforms, can help them keep up with current consumer demands and trends.

Problem 2: Increased concerns about data security

In 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) established new standards for data protection regulation. The California Consumer Privacy Act, the first major data privacy law in the US, was also in January 2020. Today’s consumers want and expect data privacy, and agencies must find a way to operate under stricter regulations, especially when teams work and access information from home.

SEO writing agencies should prioritize a higher level of security for user data and communicate their commitment within their marketing efforts. They should consider shifting towards using first-party data rather than third-party data sets with data collected in questionable ways. By using source data, agencies can deliver relevant and personalized content without privacy violations. However, a content marketing agency with poor data ethics can face dire consequences.

Problem 3: Change the focus of the content.

The main challenge for this year was eliminating noise and delivering extraordinary customer experiences. Taking a more personalized approach to content is one-way agencies can help their clients stand out during this time. A Smarter whitepaper notes that 72% of consumers say they only interact with personalized messages.

Many tools can help implement personalized experiences across all channels. For example, agencies that provide SEO writing services, content marketing services, and other video production services can segment audiences and use consumer data to generate content ideas, such as purchase history, consumer behaviors, and website tracking. Also, it’s important to monitor current news cycles daily, so messages don’t sound dull.

Problem 4: Increased competition

Competition has increased between agencies and proves to be one of the biggest challenges. A Wix report, Digital Agencies in 2020: A Glimpse into the Future, found that an overwhelming 50% of digital marketing agencies agreed that increased competition was a problem.

The report predicted that the appeal of the service offered globally would continue to decline, accelerating the resurgence of local agencies. Digital marketing agencies can utilize this trend by employing a more regional approach to their branding to differentiate themselves from other agencies. For example, agencies can benefit from focusing on their geographic area and establishing relationships with other local services.

The Wix report also suggests that the way agencies position themselves is critical in overcoming increased competition. It is essential that agencies consider what their business stands for and effectively communicate its value to clients, be it content, SEO, or a more holistic approach.

Problem 5: Facing the uncertainties of agency life

From data security and increased competition to the adoption of new technologies and remote working, digital marketing agencies face numerous challenges moving forward. The most important thing is that they are willing to adapt.

Problem No. 6: Emerging Marketing Trends

As new market trends emerge, it can be difficult for marketing executives to keep up with them and incorporate them into their strategies. While embracing these changes would be beneficial, keeping up with all of the latest news in social media, web design, user interface, and other areas can be quite overwhelming.

Keeping abreast of Inbound Marketing trends

Inbound marketing agencies exist to conduct the research and detailed work required to determine which new inbound marketing trends to implement in business marketing and how to do so.

An inbound marketing agency can help you determine which target audience matches social media and which target audience to focus on. They will generate the data for you, saving you a lot of energy and time.

Problem 7: Interpreting the marketing report data

Some marketing managers lack the knowledge to interpret data in marketing reports. Without this information, they cannot know what marketing strategies to follow.

This can lower their ROI as they continue to use too many strategies, not knowing which one is working best, or it can drastically damage your campaign if they are not using the correct strategies to their full potential.

These problems are just to name a few. But content writing agency keeps it hidden from you to make your task easy.