As content marketing increases, businesses are struggling to benefit from this marketing technique. To help with this new demand, numerous content marketing agencies have blossomed across the globe. These agencies, primarily based online, are filling a huge need as demand for content marketing services rise. But, as a business owner or a marketer, how exactly do you find the one content marketing agency that stands out from the rest in terms of results and service delivery?

It’s an undeniable fact that your brand needs to post valuable and engaging content consistently. But not all companies have the time or resources to generate daily content. So they are left with the difficult task of outsourcing blogs, videos, and other content to a partner who does.

Finding a subject matter expert who understands your business and even more challenging to find an outside source that operates as an internal content marketing department can be challenging.

You need content producers who can provide quality, branded, and SEO-optimized content and are time- and cost-conscious of your marketing budget.

When choosing a content agency, it’s critical to do your research and make an informed decision about who will check all those boxes.

We know you have a remarkable feat on your hands, finding the right content experts for the job. That’s why we hope to make that monumental decision feel a little more manageable with simple tips for selecting the best partner for all content:

Look for a real human relationship, not a simple exchange of services.

For example, consider walking into a store where you know who works there. Maybe it’s the barista at your local coffee shop who instantly recommends your favourite drink order or the person at the farmers market who asks how your family is doing while hand-wrapping your wares with special care. Regardless of the product or service we need, having a relationship with those who serve you is good.

With that in mind, you could outsource your marketing to a faceless person behind a screen who knows nothing about your brand or goals and is there to make a quick buck.

Or you can start a partnership with a content marketing agency that cares about your shared effort and long-term growth.

When looking for a content marketing company, ask them what their typical customer relationship looks like.

In other words, how do you recognize the good among the bad and the best among the good?

How often do they get in touch?

Is it via email, video, or in-person meetings?

How many people would you work with on the agency team, and how often?

Then, drill down to see how they value your customer relationships to see if you would be the ideal match.

Discuss everyone’s expectations and roles.

Before talking to outsourced content partners, it helps to know what you will need from them and what you will take care of yourself.

For example, if you know your marketing budget and can only handle social media and blogging internally. Still, if you want an agency to help you with video production, you must be clear about what that means.

Will your team drive the strategy and write the video scripts in-house, or will the agency handle that? It will be a very different conversation to say, “We just need someone to film this and edit it. We’ll handle the pre-production writing and final promotion of it all,” than saying a vague statement like “We need video help.”

Before speaking with a content agency, ensure you know what will be handled internally and what will be outsourced. Be specific about what your team needs and expects and take the moving parts in between.


This is the first thing you should investigate before hiring a content marketing agency. What kind of work have they done before, and what do their previous customers say about them? It is easy to find forums and sites to give you an idea regarding the quality of work from an agency. You should also ask for referrals directly from the agency. Additionally, what kind of experience do the operators have in the online marketing? Do they have any notable achievements listed on their ‘About U’s page?

Of course, the longer an agency has been in business, the better; however, that’s not always the case, so experience should not be the only determining factor.


One of the best ways to gauge an agency’s work is how they market themselves. How do they handle their content marketing projects? For instance, if you find an agency that ranks on the first page of Google results and their social media pages are very active, that’s a good indicator of a successful company. Active social media accounts are an excellent way to gauge their response times and their overall desire to work with customers.


Dealing with a content marketing agency requires a lot of communication and understanding. The agency must first understand your business and its objectives before any work can begin. You also have to know how they will create and market content but keep in mind that they will not tell you everything that they do, every industry has trade secrets, and if you start getting into this area, you might get some short responses. The best relationship between a company and a content marketing agency is one with two-way communication. Overall good communication is a two-way street since a content marketing agency cannot possess the specific, in-depth knowledge of every market they need and covet your input. You should need theirs when it comes to content distribution and syndication.


As a business, you have your marketing department. When you hire a marketing agency, it essentially becomes an extension of your marketing team. Ensuring cohesiveness and cooperation between the agency and your team is crucial to achieving your content marketing objectives. A good agency has learned the value of teamwork and practices it.


Small business owners may be ignorant about their needs regarding content marketing. Therefore it is the responsibility of the marketing agency to patiently sift through the morass of ideas provided by the client and organize them properly. In addition, the agency should be able to provide insights concerning content marketing. These insights should be provided based on the type of business and its current situation. After all, all companies are different, and one content marketing strategy cannot be applied to all of them.


For best results, if possible, it is best to go for a content marketing agency that specifically deals with a specific industry. Your objectives would be better understood, and your relationship with the agency will be much deeper and more effective, but this is nearly impossible.


The best agency is the one that leverages all of the different content marketing platforms to provide the client with the highest chances of running a successful content marketing campaign.

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