The Pros and Cons of Blogging for Business Success: Is it Right for You?

Blogging has most certainly gained a lot of popularity over the last decade. Many people have plunged into the blogging pool and earned the title blogger. Politicians and celebrities pay remarkable attention to what blogs say about them. They play a significant role in their careers. What about you and your business? Is a blog fundamental to the success of your business?

According to Wikipedia, the term blog is defined as the shortened term for weblog. It is a publication based on the web consisting of mainly periodic stories and mostly chronologically reversed articles. In as much as blogs are commonly in text forms, there exist non-text blogs such as video blogs, photo blogs and audio blogs, which are also known as podcasts. 

Before considering adding a blog as part of a marketing strategy for your business, you should consider the merits and demerits it might have on your business. Blogs are an excellent tool for communicating with existing clients and gaining new ones for some small businesses. But before you can decide if a blog is right for you, you need to know the benefits and potential pitfalls you may encounter in the brave new world of blogging.

To begin, you must first understand what a blog is. The term “blog” is an acronym for “weblog,” a type of online journal. Bloggers routinely update their blogs with short essays of comments, suggestions, and thoughts. Links to other relevant content and a comment box for readers are regular features of blogs. Businesses have discovered that blogging is a valuable resource for their day-to-day operations. Blogging is quickly becoming a comprehensive solution to many minor business concerns, ranging from customer service to new product updates (and all in between).


Blogging’s conversational tone is one of its most appealing features. Unlike a newsletter, a blog creates the impression that your clients have a casual dialogue with you, the business owner. They can even leave feedback in the form of comments. The blog’s personal quality quickly establishes confidence between you and your customers, and the result pays off.

Since the blogs are updated weekly or daily, you can also provide your customers with up-to-date information about your products and services. Get it right, and your customers will regularly stop your website on their internet surfing circuit. For example, let’s say you have an antique store. By incorporating new inventory information into your blog, you can create a scenario where your customers regularly check in to see if you have recent acquisitions that interest them.

  • Blogs are an effective way to improve the credibility of a business, that is if done correctly. It will give you a platform to provide all the information about your business and answer any arising questions. 
  • Blogs are, no doubt, a valuable customer care tool. You can use your blog to solve customers’ problems and answer their queries. The comment section on your blog will give you a picture of what your customers think about your products or services. Blogs can help you fix impending problems before it gets too late.
  • Blogs widen your exposure in different ways. For instance, by following other blogs related to your line of business, you can keep up-to-date with the current trends and competition. You can increase your blog exposure by asking for a trade advertisement on another person’s blog, and you, in turn, advertise their blog on yours. 
  • Blogs are also an effective tool for directing traffic to your website. This can be done by you posting links to your site. 


However, blogging is not entirely a bed of roses. The hardest part of starting a business blog is keeping it current. Consider the heap of work on your desk right now, and add the burden of updating your blog with new content every week, maybe even every day. For a more accurate picture, it should also feature responses to emails and comments generated by the blog.

Can you keep up with all of that? If so, you should consider adding a blog to your online marketing program. But don’t start a blog if you can’t maintain it up to date; outdated content will do more harm than good.

A blog may not be a good option if your target market is primarily local. You may waste hours on a blog only read by a few local users. Of course, you could strive to increase your readership, but you’ll most likely be disappointed, and the site will be a complete waste of time. The following summarises the benefits and drawbacks of running a company blog.

  • Having a blog means regular monitoring and updating of content. Blog Squad suggests that you shouldn’t take up blogging if you don’t have the zeal to write posts about 2-3 times a week and engage in dialogue with your customers and potential ones. Without constant updating, your blog will become irrelevant.
  • Results from blogging are typically generated slowly and are difficult to follow. Your site will take a long time to become well-known in the blogosphere.
  • Coming up with engaging content can be quite a challenge. Not everyone can sit down and produce something intelligent, creative and captivating that will capture your readers’ attention. The competition from other blogs doesn’t make it any easier. It is only with quality content that your blog will gain popularity. 
  • Gaining publicity is a big challenge when it comes to starting a blog. Getting people to like your blog or even notice in the first place is no walk in the park. You have to be good at what you do to market your blog successfully. 

Many marketing experts recommend having a blog as part of your business marketing plan. However, you should only do this if you have time to create engaging material at least twice a week.

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