Our Journey

It all started with an idea!
While just surfing on the Internet for a long time, when an intriguing mind was rigorously trying to find ways to promote business online, get recognized by the Search Engine looking for ways to create an online presence, observed that if something that is ruling over the Internet is “THE CONTENT” and that’s when COMAAG the leading content writing agencies in Mumbai took place.
Since our foundation, we have been sincerely committed to creating content, SEO writing services and marketing. Our core focus is on helping individuals and businesses promote their work online to get the desired recognition.

Our SEO content writing services, content strategies and high-quality marketing experience have highlighted some factors concerning several businesses and how others perceive them. There is tons of information available on the Internet. Even though, there’s one thing that’s missing: the HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT, and we seek to provide search engine optimized content writing services in the diversified section such as Blogs, Articles, Press Release, or Content in the form of Explainer Videos, Social Media posts, infographics, stock footages, and much more.

But precisely what content marketing is?
Content marketing is a combination of blogging, social media marketing, and video marketing. Having these search engine optimized marketing concepts under your control is a low-cost, effective long-term strategy for building online authority and building your brand. Videos and blog posts have the potential to bring in new customers or clients, not just today or this week or this year, but for years and years into the future!

How will you benefit from an SEO content writing agency like us?
An SEO content writing agency is a provider specialized in writing and developing unique and creative content.The Mumbai content writing agency works directly with organizations that want more significant influence through our broad strategy of online and offline content and copy, development, delivery, and analytics services. We help you create brilliant yet concise content that targets your audience and align specific SEO content writers to work on your project.

Our Content Agency also partners with several renowned consulting, communications and marketing agencies, joining the Agency’s leading team to offer practical implementation and strategic direction services.


Purposeful content planning is the cornerstone of any effective strategy.
Spanning everything from competitor analysis to target market research to determining which channels will deliver the best return on your investment, planning is an absolute must for the agile organization looking to maximize reach and impact.

Our content planning services include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Target audiences
  • Market research
  • Keyword research
  • Channel selection
  • Strategies development


Creating text and content that converts requires more than just having the right words. It requires careful consideration of critical messaging and branding for consistent, clear and concise communication to occur.
Our content creation services include:

  • Formulation of key messages
  • Consistent positioning
  • Content development
  • Copy creation
  • Campaign development
  • Edition
  • Proofreading
  • Keyword incorporation to make it search engine optimized


Without proper and efficient content delivery, even the most masterfully crafted content by the SEO content writers won’t produce maximum impact. From managing massive newsletter campaigns to optimizing your website content with proper product descriptions and scheduling social media, content delivery is the channel that connects your business and your customers.
Our content delivery services include

  • Online content scheduling
  • Coordinating content offline
  • Channel management
  • Campaign management
  • Commitment
  • Website maintenance
  • SEO
  • Online advertising coordination


Smart yet simplified data inform all successful business decisions. This also applies to content copying and delivery. Leveraging smart yet simple reports drives your business success.
Our analysis services include:

  • Google Analytics Settings
  • Social media analytics settings
  • Report creation
  • Data analysis
  • Channel comparison
  • Statistical modelling


The modern dynamic organization requires the ability to adapt quickly to seize the opportunity. Based on comprehensive data collected through in-depth analysis, your business can soon adjust for optimal marketing spend. Our analysis services include:

  • Refining key messages
  • Adjust keywords
  • Strategy review
  • Incorporation of data insights

Why work with us?

We are focused on content!
Gone are the days when content was an afterthought, and digital marketing was taken as a whole … Converting quality content is our end game.

We close the digital loop.
By using data and analytics, we understand how content works. We develop content that builds on your marketing strategy and user-generated insights.

We unite for your benefit.
No man is an island, not even our specialists. That is why we draw the talent that your unique project requires from our ecosystem.

We are marketing oriented.
With the competition for attention, you need content that highlights your selling points. Get your message out before your readers scroll, delete, or bounce.

Research-driven content strategy

We conduct buyer research to create buyer profiles, customer journeys, and stakeholder maps to guide message strategy development with personalized value propositions for specific segments and decision-making stakeholders. We have researched with hundreds of your best clients and understand what persuades and drives them.

No content marketing generalists
We know how to simplify complex topics and write for B2B audiences. The results are fewer editing rounds, faster production time, and improved ROI. We understand how your best customers make decisions, so we know how and where they consume messages like yours.

Content in customer journeys
We go beyond the lead generation “funnel” to develop messaging and content marketing assets for the entire customer lifecycle – customer acquisition, retention and promotion. We support marketing, sales, and customer experience (CX) teams to deliver a consistent voice and message.

Problems we solve
We help brands reorient their messaging strategy and content, from product narratives to buyer outcomes, to improve lead generation and shorten sales cycles. Because buyers trust their peers more than brands, a key to this approach is to embed unscripted customer stories into all brand content.
We do not replace internal content teams; We improve your effectiveness by providing buyer insights, message maps, custom content templates, and expert guidance to drive engagement throughout the customer journey.
In the end, complex sales transactions happen between people, which is why knowledge-based narratives and stories told by your best customers are critical to building trust and turning trust into sales.

About The Team

We are a small team with 10+ years of experienced content writers and designers:- don’t just go by words. Get the demo content here. Our team makes sure that you are 100% satisfied with the service, as they give their 200% in making the right piece of content for your business. Are you looking for quality content or video content for your idea? Then why wait when you are just at the right place?
One of our favourite quotes in which we firmly believe is: “A year from now, you will wish you would have started today!
So we are just a phone call away if you have any additional questions! We’d be glad to help you achieve your online marketing goals!
Being a leading content marketing agency in India is more than an achievement for us. While the undisputed strength of our content marketing agency lies in our people, it is the wide range of services we specialize in that allows us to add value to successful 360-degree marketing campaigns for renowned global brands.

But why do we diversify so much?

We don’t want our brands and marketers to look for multiple companies to handle digital marketing for them. That is why we offer plans to select from so many unique offers to execute their marketing strategies. Well, we know the secret to building powerful brand stories in the digital world. We don’t believe in a one-dimensional approach to marketing. Simply running your social media identifiers is not going to be enough. That’s why, in addition to content marketing, we also offer results-based SEO, ORM and CRM services, search marketing, and social media marketing. Because while it is essential to acquire new prospects and audiences attention, the true merit of a brand lies in managing the existing relationship with its customers.
Gone are the days of transaction-based relationships with your customers. Content Marketing experts focus on creating strategies that turn connections with your current and potential customers into meaningful and lasting relationships.
United after many years of expansion in technology, digital marketing and content writing, our team is the dawn of a passion for success and analytical results. The result? A dedicated content marketing agency knows the difference between throwing out words and hoping they stick and making worlds move.
As business ambition is to thrive online growth, astute insight led to the in-house development of a suite of online marketing products designed to drive targeted traffic to websites. Driven by our wealth of data-driven tools and a growing portfolio of happy clients, we have seen our business transition into diversified services to reflect the business direction better.
Staying upright at the pace at which data and technology have been transformed, our services have undergone numerous iterative improvements. Our service offering continues to expand as content marketing becomes more sophisticated and critical to business. Deal.
Analytical in our approach and curious by nature, we are a digital agency with a difference: data is in our DNA. Our extensive in-house developed marketing strategies drive our ability to combine technical expertise with imagination to generate impactful and measurable results for our clients.



Mission Statement
Our Mission is to be an expert in marketing and sales alignment by delivering better client, employees and vendors. We are dedicated to the principles that have led to our success: big picture thinking, the highest quality standards, personalized service, and results-driven innovation. We are ambitious about harnessing the power of the Internet to help any company expand!

Vision Statement
To be a national and international business leader with a cohesive team of passionate, imaginative, and motivated individuals who enjoy what they do, inspiring our clients to achieve their objectives.
We like to believe we’re doing something worthwhile. Marketing and promotion often have a bad reputation, but we want to help the stronger, more organized, and socially responsible businesses succeed and reach the top.

About us

Our content creation and marketing experience has highlighted some factors concerning how we see our business and how others perceive it. Internet is filled with content all over the internet.

Still, one thing which is missing is the QUALITY CONTENT, and we seek to provide SEO Optimised Quality Content in the diversified section.