What is Content Marketing?

When I say that I work for a content marketing agency, people often check out me with a glassy look. "Interesting", they say, and a few curiously ask "what is that or how is it different?"

The easy account this is often marketing (editorial) content. On the other hand, you do not know anything yet.

So during this guide, we've curated all the possible things one should realize content marketing of the great answer to the question: what's content marketing?

"Content marketing may be a sort of marketing that focuses on creating, publishing, and delivering value-added content to draw in and grab the eye of the potential end customers online and ultimately driving sales through customer action."

Liquid content

Content marketing may be a profession, a specialist, a way with which any o can do the goals and objectives of selling. Content marketing is different from other communication areas, like advertising, by using an article concept that then enters a conversation with consumers and keeps them engaged. And in every imaginable form: text, images, animation, video, games, etc. as long as the concept features a lifespan of several months to many years. Separate elements of a content marketing plan can, of course, be used as a campaign. Still, practice shows that if content marketing is implemented as an extended-term strategy, it's a beneficial instrument. A matter of patience, but unfortunately, too many companies get by again soon. A crucial distinction is additionally that content marketing translates the message from push to tug. And this might instead be the idea for the success of this speciality.

The consumer on top of things 

 As we are all seeing now, the web has radically changed our world. The media that brands use to speak with their target groups are not any longer the same. Today's customers are well aware of the information they want and the sources from where they can get information from, what to believe from where to believe and share this information with everyone. There are still industries that attempt to impose their will on their customers through protectionist measures. The banking sector is one among them. In my opinion, a hopeless pursuit which will only turn against them.

Invention marketing

But in fact, it's not that black and white. The web has surprised the prevailing marketing laws, and a few of these old laws are no longer in effect today. But where old rules expire, new ones always appear. And it's totally up to the new generation of marketers to get those laws and affect them. An example of such an old law is what we understand by interruption marketing. Loosely translated, this is often the promotion of a brand, product or service through various media, without considering things of the buyer or his information needs (many also include outbound marketing). But the buyer is not any longer straightforward to capture. The old law of interruption marketing now faces invention marketing. In short, this suggests that you only, as a brand/company, attempt to invite consumers to urge in-tuned with you. Producing relevant content is the basis for establishing contact. And that is where the discipline of content marketing comes in. With content marketing methods, marketers can participate again and obtain in-tuned with their audience.

Dialogue Marketing

Based on the above, content marketing may be a profession during which editorial content is employed to urge in-tuned with your target group. With relevant content at the proper time and with the appropriate person, this contact can cause data exchange so that a bond, a relationship between the two parties is made, supported mutual trust and mutual dependence. Relevance is that the key here. Consider it as a kind of marriage that you do, and that we all know a successful marriage is a challenging job. But if you're willing to try to to it, you'll also get tons reciprocally.

That's happy customers who are optimistic about you on social media and, for instance, in reviews, which successively, attract new customers. Once you consider that 7 out of 10 consumers first visit the web and skim peer reviews before buying, you realize how important this is to businesses. If you're able to do that, as a business, you'll enter into a successful relationship, and your customer will stick with you quickly and for much longer. Getting into this dialogue is the essence of content marketing. But also on your customer's interests, which are an extension of the usefulness of the delivered product.


Customer journey

But roll in the hay wisely, because content marketing isn't about bothering people. The purpose is that customers enjoy the knowledge you offer them and accept your invitation to contact us. It's about getting into a relationship that goes beyond an easy purchase. This relationship covers the whole customer journey and effects and affects all touchpoints. Getting into touch at the proper time within the appropriate context is therefore crucial. The key is that as a business/brand, you set yourself within the customer's shoes and add value to their specific situation/life. It's a matter of commitment and mutual loyalty.


Outstanding customer service

I already mentioned above that customers should be prepared to accept the invitation to urge in-tuned with you. They're going only to do that if there's an exact added value for them. Otherwise, they're going to decline your invitation. Providing that added value is strictly what content marketing is. Then customers are even able to provide information about their behaviour and who they're. With this data, companies can create profiles to tailor their content to their customers' knowledge needs. In these times of Internet domination, companies' competitive advantage consists of continuous innovation and on the opposite hand, in unparalleled customer service. Content marketing makes an essential contribution to the event of this exceptional service.

Content marketing laws

Content marketing may be a profession that aims to start a long-term personal conversation together with your customers. The key to success is that the editorial content is so relevant that customers will accept your invitation. This only happens if the content of the conversation (the content) is served during a way that's enjoyable and impactful for them, when it suits them, within the form that suits them and is suited to their information needs. Companies that recognize the worth of content marketing, who dare to enter into a dialogue

with their customers, who move from interrupt marketing to invention marketing, push to tug. These companies will set themselves aside from their competitors. Because once you've provided relevant and reliable content, you're a trusted source. Your customers trust you and can act faster by purchasing your products/services. They will express themselves positively about these products/services via social media. This strategy, in turn, attracts new potential customers. Reliable and relevant content is, therefore, a critical success factor for businesses to realize their goals during a society dominated by web and social media.

So, in summary, optimal content:

This is a short guide towards the knowledge and benefits of content marketing, and we are experts in providing this service because CONTENT itself rules the brands. Quality content sets your brand apart from other brands in the market; it has a competitive edge over competitors, creates a strong presence in the market, and increases your sales funnel.
With COMAAG, we assure you build a long-term relationship with you and proudly say that we create and focus on RESULTS content! Let your results speak for your business.

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