Whether your need is to create a new website with resourceful insight, or establish an SEO plan that attracts your potential customers finding you easily online, we have the expertise you’re looking for.

Why Content is so important for SEO?

Have you ever asked “Why aren’t people finding my website?”  Or why my website is not ranking on the 1st page of GOOGLE while the other competitors in my field are progressing well? Why there are hardly few people visiting my website?

Because getting a website on the top of the search engine or to get recognised by the people requires lots of time, patience and efforts with very minimal cost. There are plenty of content marketing companies in India that can help you achieve the goal organically.

But content is a key element of SEO. It helps with link building, strengthens your search engine rankings and encourages people to return to your website. The more the customer is engaged to your website the better the site will perform on the search engine and the next question would be:

What drives Search Engine?

It’s simply CONTENT. Now you only wonder why do people buy books, or surf on the internet? Because they want to seek some information for their query and they want an immediate answer. So in order to gain the knowledge, they search for the desired information and Google offers them pages in lakhs about the query they are looking for.

So how do you beat the rest and be on top?

The reason there are pages is in lakhs on search engine and very few on the top search is because of poor content quality which reflects on the bounce rate of the customers. And all this boils down to the information your page is providing to the end customers with quality content.

Let us help you attract more potential customers online and increase the sales funnel by making your idea a leading BRAND that you always dreamt of.


As India’s leading content marketing agency , we have developed an expert model of in house content creation team with professional writers, graphic designers and creative story tellers. If your idea doesn’t serve the purpose we don’t write it.

A typical content writing agency as Comaag where blog starts with the facts and figures based on the true data. We on your behalf conduct a strong competitive analysis, research about your offering, and do the analysis tracking, we review what is currently performing and has historically shown results that works best for your business.

To support the SEO strategy and serve the right purpose we do a keyword research and add it to your blog for better reach.

Blog writing strategy:

We get the right eyes by creating right content at the very right moment. It’s much beyond than just content writing; it’s content excellence.

How we are the best in Article Writing?

Being the leader in the content marketing space, Comaag has become one of the most trusted brand when it comes to writing articles that delivers commercial results. We don’t stop there we have refined approach towards creating content best for publishing article and getting the desired results

We make use of the best practices and data driven research, we craft articles to

Our creative writers are experts in articulation of words and convey the right idea to your target audience thereby creating a strong commercial presence. We believe in the clear idea of getting your article promoted to the serve the best purpose.

Social Media Posts

In case you haven’t heard about, social media is now a major part of most people's lives; used by millions every single day. So it is very important to have a strong social media presence. If  your business is not having a strong social media presence that’s kept fresh and up-to-date with regular posting, you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunities to reach more customers and promote your products and services.

What we have to offer?

Writing content for social media posts is completely different that writing it for your own website or blogs, people have a very short span of time on social media we they like something, they immediately react or respond towards it thereby generating quality leads and sales funnel.

Our creative team are professionals in designing social media posts that is catchy and gauge the attention of members on social media with right info graphics and 2-3 liners posts that directly conveys your idea, product or service.


  1. Identifying high value audiences to engage with
  2. Selecting the most appropriate social media channels for your business
  3. Engagement strategies (eg. increasing likes, influencer research)
  4. Social media integration with other digital activities


About us

Our content creation and marketing experience has highlighted some factors concerning how we see our business and how others perceive it. Internet is filled with content all over the internet.

Still, one thing which is missing is the QUALITY CONTENT, and we seek to provide SEO Optimised Quality Content in the diversified section.