Complete Guide: On How to Generate Quality Leads?

Lead generation is the ultimate process by which a company can find potential customers or prospects for their product. They can come as a list of names and addresses, phone numbers, email, etc. A leader in the world of online marketing is a potential customer.

When we talk about lead generation strategies and techniques, we discuss potential customers' strategies that you can later convert into actual customers.

Whenever you fill out a form to download a free version of software or E-book on the Web, you become a Lead, and your information will be entered into an XYZ database.


Each potential customer or lead is different, and some are very close to becoming customers if they get the right product/service or information they are looking for. It all depends on what part of the purchase decision process each person is in; some are just getting to know your brand; others are studying among your options which is the most convenient.

The process of evaluating and classifying leads is known as lead scoring. In short, it consists of qualifying on a numerical scale. Each of the information that we have collected on our website is based mainly on understanding how and what motivated the person to leave your data. Lead assessment and ranking are critical to the success of our email marketing campaigns.

The strategies depend critically on a perfect understanding, which is our potential customer's purchase decision process (conversion funnel). Each stage deserves a different approach for the prospective customer, where tactics require a detailed adjustment of all variables that increase the conversion distance to a customer's advantage, usability, content, call to action, forms, benefits, prices, tone, mailing, etc.


Leads are potential customers. Leads' most important factor is their segmentation (what they need to answer and what they come to us for), and it is what determines their quality. Like "money" or "buy", trendy words on the Internet are secondary to quality when it comes to Leads.


A poorly managed, the segmented lead database gives a false sense of security. Reaching a large number of records can have high marketing costs. It is an essential focus in a crisis environment to guarantee and measure the leads' quality that corresponds to your campaigns. That is, knowing how to sell online.



Redesign your questions or online forms to more accurately segment your leads. Fields like "why do I want the product for", how the product will solve my purpose, etc., will help in this task. But do not lose sight that the more information the prospect is asked for, the worse the conversion rate can be.

Use your reasons for establishing the quality of leads. Not just traditional relationships and define your values to be monitored. For example, conversion of leads to opportunity, cost of each option, cost of each order, etc.


One of the things that are most difficult for most companies is to generate sustainable opportunities. But without them, there are no sales, and an adequate lead generation strategy guarantees a good part of sales success.

The first step to develop a lead generation strategy via the Web should answer the following questions:

1- Who is your target audience?

2- How does he/she prefer to communicate?

3- What kind of offers do they want or expect to receive?

4- After they respond positively to the first activity or offer, what is the next step? What happens after that?

5- What to do when they do not respond?

6- How can your behavior concerning the types of offers qualify these prospects?


Receiving a significant flow of leads is the result of the proper marketing strategy. Currently, some companies specialize in generating leads for almost any type of business. The companies that use such services are varied. Among them are marketing companies, insurance companies, educational institutions and professionals in the real estate sector.


When companies need leads, a widespread mistake attempted by many is to invest money in buying leads from external sources, such as mailing lists, online directories, or affiliate networks. The result? Mostly ineffective dependency in which only the supplier wins often adopts the "coffee for all" strategy. Many companies do not understand the relative ease with which it is possible to generate their business opportunities with the Internet.

Some of the benefits of lead generation:

Process control: Ensure that the opportunities coming have your offer in mind and not anything else. Something very typical is co-registration processes.
Cheaper customers: By implementing the lead generation process, you will have significant savings. Some observations I've been making the show that the customer cost obtained by inbound leads can be up to 75% cheaper than that obtained with outbound tactics.
Quality information: A lead generation process ensures a constant flow of relevant opportunities; sales will also provide valuable information about how the market perceives your offer.


Let's look at some techniques for generating leads:

1 - The best recommendations that your business can receive are referrals caused by the "word of mouth" of other customers and friends. The joyous "noise" about your products or services has far more impact than any advertising or event campaign to organize. There are several ways to make referral systems that reward you for bringing in new customers, discounts, gifts, etc.

2 - If you have a store or restaurant, it offers specials throughout the month for different audiences—days for students and others. If you keep them with the right product and better service, they always come back. One-off programs, coupons and other incentives are the usual way for many companies to work and are a reliable source of new leads from existing customers.

4 - You want to communicate directly with a large number of people. There are already marketing companies that manage large databases of potential customers. You can buy or rent these lists tailored to the demographic needs of your business. It can be expensive, but it is a more effective way to get a specific message across too many people with a particular profile. (Here comes the well-known SPAM).

4 - Potential customers, although interested in your service, product or content, do not subscribe to your Newsletter unless you have some incentive. Offer exclusive content. For example, if you have an e-book but don't want to publish it on the site, make it available only to the Newsletter's subscribers is an excellent way to increase your list and offer some incentive.

5 - Easy to understand: A title, subtitle, content must accompany our service, and, finally, complete the form. But these elements must be placed in proper order, given the demand for reading from left to right.

6 - Creativity without excess: if a user finds something new that catches their attention, they will stay and continue to investigate. But we shouldn't spend, because if we are very creative, we can distract the users' attention and avoid lead generation. To prevent this, we maintain, above all, clarity and do not overload users with many distracting elements

7 - Generate leads with LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the smartest way to generate quality leads. There are several E-book that provides a complete guide to create links via LinkedIn. This eBook is in-depth in some aspects that we can use to improve our presence in this network, so we have a valuable resource for many companies. In particular, there is a section of the E-book focused on generating leads on LinkedIn, and it is worth reading.

8 - Use Social Media: Lead generation is a vital part of any business that has a presence on the Internet. Social media is a vast content distribution channel that allows us to reach our users like any other medium. We will use these means to generate leads and grow our business, and you can check out how to manage information on social media and generate quality leads.

9 - Landing pages: A "landing page" is a simple website that provides information about the product and allows it to drive the customer to purchase. The landing page is a good source of leads and quality business opportunities. Regardless of the offer, something makes the difference between success and failure: the confidence that the page conveys.

Lead generation is only possible to implement online campaigns, landing pages, and conversion explicitly designed for your business's needs.

I hope this Guide helps to generate quality and convertible leads for your work!

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