Video Marketing

So you want to know about video marketing? Not your fault; it's a video marketing trend that got you here…
Video marketing is rapidly gaining a position as the top marketing strategies these days because of its various benefits. Let's explore the revolutionary marketing strategy in detail.

What is Video Marketing?

Because it's everywhere now on the internet TODAY, most people these days prefer watching videos than just reading long articles, which sometimes becomes very complex for a layman to truly grab the attention towards the actual purpose of the writer to write that article. At the same time, this is not the case for videos! It is easy to digest, highly engaging to many viewers that directly attach with their emotions simultaneously quite entertaining, and it also gives enormous returns on investment (ROI). Video are accessible to anyone with access to the Internet, both to watch and produce.

And at COMAAG, being the top preferred leaders in creating content for marketing via explainer videos, we are proud to say that we deliver the best HD Quality Videos that best suits your business. Our video animation team will create just the right video for your business.COMAAG is here to address all issues beyond its marketing area related to its exact needs, connecting all departments to create incredible videos & presentations and making a digital roadmap to improve all work areas where specific problems can occur. The explainer video production company model guarantees a successful and in-depth scan of the challenges facing your bright future. We will plan in detail to make another successful business story with our explainer video creation service..

We are entirely focused on delivering quality traffic, inbound leads, and increased sales to our clients with animated explainer videos.
We achieve these results with a proven combination of video marketing strategies and inbound marketing methods.

Our creative video strategies clearly explain your product or service. Our videos act as your 24/7 sales department, converting your target audience into customers.

Our proven Inbound Marketing methods will drive quality visitors to your website, capture contact information for those leads, and then convert those leads into sales. COMAAG- the ultimate explainer video production company will serve you even post-production of the video content, which will also help in improving brand awareness.

Each of our Products / Services is designed to generate new business, yet they form a compelling marketing strategy when combined. Let us show you what explainer video agency can do to provide the top explainer video creation service.

We have designed a program to add one service to build on success over time, or we have packages to implement all at once.

Targeted media buying

Our analysts prepare market research and create a media plan tailored to your users' demographics. We provide geo-targeting and SDKs that track and measure ad delivery and conversions. We monitor each ad purchase to optimize the overall campaign with a combination of CPM, CPC, and CPI. This ongoing effort allows us to achieve lower acquisition costs per installation, with the ability to scale to larger volumes.

Video press releases

Digital media is more than willing to give you as much exposure as you want if you give them what they want: a good story. If a picture speaks thousands of words, then a video is worth a thousand ads or put another way, advertising is what you pay for, PR is what you pray for. We create compelling press releases videos to get the buzz going. Wondering how to make creative videos and hunting for the best video-making websites to create my video online can be pretty tricky. So grab the opportunity here and call the best animation companies in India. At COMAAG- one thing is sure to get a reliable service.

Video Product Reviews

Your video will help people share your story over and over again. It's the fastest way to create a viral word-of-mouth campaign and get your attention level as high as possible. We'll show you how to promote your royalty-free video everywhere on your website, on your Google business listing, on your Facebook fan page, and on your YouTube channel. Your video will also be seen on app review pages and mobile phones.

Video SEO and PPC

More and more people are accessing the Internet first to decide which applications are the best. That's why getting a solid web presence on the search engine and backing it up with strong digital marketing and advertising campaign is more important than ever. We get improved listings, including app review photos and videos, on all major search engines and local directory sites.

News-style interviews

Forget the old drag and drop type of videos. The ultimate goal of the video is to put your smile in front of the media, make them know you, like them, trust you, and give them a story to share with others. We can help you achieve that goal and help you with your script and whatever you need to say, and we'll make your case studies specific videos look good! We don't just use the fancy video presentation software but also manually design the supreme videos by explainer video maker.

Social media advertising

Incorporating social media advertising into your mobile app marketing mix is an essential part of your reach and promotions. Buying targeted traffic on YouTube and Facebook is one of the most profitable advertising methods of the decade. Get users to watch your app review video with custom-designed templates and virally stream it to their friends.

Conferences and seminars

More than ever, positive public awareness at conferences, seminars, and association meetings is vital to the success of an application. These activities generate loyal users with effective use of your brand. We will create the most compelling video to highlight in such big conferences and seminars.

If you want to take advantage of the media opportunities that are now available on the Internet, TV, and mobile media, we have the forward-thinking solutions you need. We create high-quality videos, presentation templates and much more that generate new traffic, new customers to your website.

Video production for websites

You undoubtedly know that video marketing is the most potent new way to promote a business online. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines now make video a dominant factor when performing a search query. That's why having video on your website is now more critical than ever: a video that connects, a video that converts, a video that sells.

Video Marketing Services provide videos that capture and convey the essence of your video content creation agency business, with that personal touch that connects you with your customer. People instead prefer to watch a video about your business than read it. Video can quadruple your website traffic. That is why you care about so many videos on our site!

With over 50% of the world's people searching for your products and services online, your website has become your most important business card. With only a small investment for such an essential aspect of your business!

From conception to perfection

Online Video Marketing produces videos for the Internet, TV and mobile media. Our animated video India work focuses on elevating your business and increasing your sales by making you a leader on the Internet. We also provide distribution through popular video networks like YouTube, Vimeo, and more. The result? a resounding boost to your online presence that can put you at or close to Number One in search engines - the best and most lucrative location in the entire global village!

Your initial consultation will cost you very little.

Our services are tailored to your needs. We will write the script you specify or edit the script you provide. We will give royalty-free video effects, sound and background music. Our team of veteran professional voice overs will bring your story to life on screen, in English, German, Spanish and most other languages used on the Internet. We will provide video SEO (search engine optimization), YouTube channel location, ping video URLs, video bookmarks, and much more.

If you already have a video, we can optimize it to take you to the top of search engine rankings and make you a leader in your marketing niche.

Production of promotional videos

Today's social media is an integral part of your online marketing strategy. We will create an eye-catching presence for you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social network that can help you grow your business. One of our most valuable HD video production skills is optimizing your website videos across all available channels.

COMAAG Video Marketing Services can provide all the solutions for your website video needs. We create cutting-edge video branding campaigns that energize your online presence!

If you get your video marketing right, you can get your message across multiple levels - images, spoken word, and text - with the emotional enhancers of music and sound.

This is how you reach a large audience, with minimal expense, in the shortest time possible with the help of an explainer video agency.



  1. Whiteboard Animated Videos

Viewers of a whiteboard video see afterimages appear in front of them, helping them engage in a story told by the narrator of the animated video or film. This story can be about anything from company articles and products to implementation forms, company policies, strategy implementations, and more mundane aspects such as manuals.
Get your ideas in a whiteboard canvas in a storytelling form that conveys your concept most engagingly. Whiteboard animation videos create a solid emotional connection with the audience.


COMAAG, the best explainer video company, brings one-of-a-kind explainer videos to valued clients around the world. Our custom 2D how-to videos show the highest level of expertise and represent unmatched traits. We help brands capture the attention of potential customers, thus closing great deals.

With an explanatory video created according to the unique needs of your business, we help you gather more traffic and help spread knowledge about your business. Our how-to video is used to explain complex business functions and product procedures.

3. Marketing Explainer Videos

Perhaps more than live video, animated marketing video provides more ways to advertise your product appealingly. When producing an animation, your imagination can soar. You can present your product or service in the most unexpected context, put it in funny situations, combine the most fantastic backgrounds and visuals, and amaze the customer with your brand creativity.
Animated videos can help show complex concepts simply and straightforwardly. We will discover all the essential elements necessary to communicate in your video, write a script and storyboard.

4. Branding Videos
Since audiovisual communication has a more significant effect, show your clients what your company is all about. COMAAG is one of the content writing agencies in Mumbai based with a strong focus on corporate videos. Scriptwriting, care, storyboarding, video recording, and editing are some of the services we provide. We have the latest software and a team of professional writers, videographers, broadcasters and video editors, making video, movie, time-lapse video, interactive video, 2D visualization and visual presentations that genuinely support and represent your business.

It's not always possible to create live-action videos in a specified budget, and sometimes the idea may not get conveyed with explainer videos. In such cases, stock videos are a great option. We at COMAAG make all the possible ways where the clients can get benefitted from our diversified services.

    COMAAG is the top preferred leader in creating content for marketing via explainer videos. We are proud to say that we deliver the best HD Quality Videos that best suits your business. Our video animation team will create just the right video for your business. Try our expert social and content marketing services and reap the best benefits for your business. Fill in the details on the left.

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